Axe - Free Writing: Aesha Hussein

After each free writing session, students are told to find words that stand out to them and pick one to use for their next free writing. After writing "chop", Aesha chose the word "Axe". Please note, students are told to not edit their free writing work as it is a form of expression.

Aesha Hussein

An axe chopping down a tree, I can just see it in my minds eye. The tree slowly falling, almost in slow motion. I can just imagine each tree being chopped down one by one, and now I hear a chainsaw, construction workers on the land just doing their business, and near a table I see lopakhin instructing each one what to do and looking over his blue print plans. I imagine some wood dust gets on his ugly yellow shoes and how they're piled with dust. An axe. right now I just took the image of cutting down the cherry orchard and I expanded it to all the forests that are being cut down, all the Lopakhin's in the world chopping down trees. Are trees just plain forms of wood to you? Do they not have life? Do they not breathe? How can you not feel a sense of pain as you chop each one down, huh Lopakhin, how? I can see him on each piece of forest around the world. My God.

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