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Detached - Free Writing: Ameera AlSaid

Students were told to write down what they were feeling for this free writing exercise. Ameera chose "Detached". Check out what she had to say below:

Ameera AlSaid

Idk it took me a while to see what I’m feeling, last week I had a strong emotion which was sadness and in some moments it was content then happiness but then I’m back to nothing. I’m back to feeling detached from everything. I’m on a social media break. I feel detached from people. I guess also being online for classes gives that feeling too but idk it's like there's a distance between me and others and well duh cause of the virus but then a distance with myself too. I’m trying to do what I love and reconnect but idk right now I feel nothing and I’m ok with that.I’m not attached to any of my work I just want to finish. It's sad when this semester I’m taking 5 classes all of which I wanted and chose.

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