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“We learn about life not from plusses alone, but from minuses as well.”


- Anton Chekhov

Replant is the fourth and final act of our fifteen-week journey. Replant is to restart, but with the acceptance that what was wished for isn’t what grew but it still is as beautiful as ever. In this act, the company gives you the fruits of their labour; the final product of the work of that fifteen-week journey. 

The Play: The Cherry Orchard Quarantined


As we lost the live play to a pandemic, an idea emerged: a theatre production on Zoom. The play is the result of weeks of research, rewrites and rehearsals. Et voilà, the company gives you the play: The Cherry Orchard Quarantined.

Chopped: From the Kitchen

Before the pandemic led to the cancellation of our production, Maryam Gamar, Mariam Feroun and Ameera Al-Said were cast as Russian servants whose primary role was to change the furniture and decorations of the set after each act. They had no lines and were not meant to guide the story in any particular direction. However, after the transition of the production to online, the three decided to explore their characters in depth by writing an original short play from the perspective of their servant characters. The play tells the story of the servants, now named Olga, Svetlana, and Polya, experiencing Act 3 of the Cherry Orchard from the kitchen. They hoped to create something new but still maintain the “Chekovian” atmosphere of everyday life and conversation amid tragedy.

Listen and follow on the original text to the hustle-bustle in the kitchen as the servants make their own way through Act 3.

Based on Act 3 of “The Cherry Orchard”


From the Kitchen

Audio - Chopped: From the KitchenMaryam G, Mariam F, Ameera S.
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