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About US

The Cherry Orchard Quarantined website showcases the projects and work that has been done for the production of The Cherry Orchard Quarantined. The Company wanted to document all the work done prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Qatar, all the work that was done after, and the process of creating the final production. This website puts it all together to make you experience our production virtually.

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And a special thank You to...

Rommel Solicar * Ray Corcoran * NU-Q Facilitates Management * Greg Lowe * Wilder Catapat * Patrick Tingson * NU-Q Production * Fouad Hassan * Shakir Hussain * Rana Kazkaz * João Queiroga * Jaser Alagha * Nouf Al-Sulaiti * Wijdan Al-Khateeb * Asmaa Benkermi * Neelam Hussain * Jassim Al Ansari * Dana AlSaid * Dana Eskelson


… to all our families and friends

DISCLAIMER: All the videos, songs, images and graphics used on the website belong to their respective owners. This website does not claim any right over them.

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