Stump - Free Writing: Maryam Gamar

Maryam Gamar When I was little, I used to get emotionally attached to inanimate objects and they would become my friends. I had a rock...

Worth - Free Writing: Afnan

Afnan Tag I feel like I really understand what to do something that’s worth it feels like. I mean we know the history of my high school...

Let go - Free Writing: Afnan Tag

Afnan Tag Let go, letting go… Again a song comes to mind, let go. I think letting go is one of the most things I have been doing and...

Poems - Free Writing: Afnan Tag

Afnan Tag Poems are my way of healing, I write a lot and I enjoy it. I wonder what’s my next poem. Poems are the safest way to express...

Salvage - Free Writing: James Mburu

James Mburu Make use of what’s left, in spirit it embodies resilience, an unwillingness to give up. An assertion to move forward and not...

Replant - Free Writing

For the last class, the topic was "replant". The final act, the final stage in our production, and the final class. Scroll below to see...

BLEH! - Free writing: Sana Hussain

Students were told to write down the what the strongest feeling they had at that moment, and Sana wrote about how she was feeling "BLEH!".

Axe - Free Writing: Aesha Hussein

After each free writing session, students are told to find words that stand out to them and pick one to use for their next free writing.

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