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Worth - Free Writing: Afnan

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I feel like I really understand what to do something that’s worth it feels like. I mean we know the history of my high school days really well, when hard work didn’t even pay off at all. But here is one thing, my definition of “worth it” was really different, it was more about grades rather than experience. Now I am more about the overall experience and how I feel as I do things. I guess here might be the best point to give off my life moto “Happiness is not something you achieve, it is something you feel in the process of something”.  I have been trying to live up to that, because I realized this is what made me see what is worth it and what is not. Also, self-worth is one whole thing, way and way harder to even understand. But I don’t think it even matters at this moment, as long as I can still see a reason for me to keep going, everything will be worth it.

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