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The Cherry Orchard - Free Writing

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The first free writing exercise that students completed in class was to write whatever came to their minds on the topic of: The Cherry Orchard.


Afnan Tag

I think the cherry orchard is such a beautiful and big place. At least that’s how I imagine it. I think as I worked on it, I went inside the cherry orchard many times and I grew attached to it. It’s like I am the owner of the cherry orchard. I enjoyed creating pieces of it, it’s a play that holds a close place to my heart but also a huge beautiful orchard, the nature, the sounds keep playing in my head when I think of the cherry orchard. It’s that kind of space that I feel relaxed in it. As the time went on, I felt like I related to the hurt and pain of the chopping down of the cherry orchard. Would we see it live? I hope so. I was really excited to see it live, manage it, produce it, see it coming together. I really liked the cherry orchard. I hoped it would be successful in a way. I wondered how seeing all these people come together in the cherry orchard


James Mburu

The Cherry Orchard was going to be the highlight of my 2nd semester at Northwestern. It had so much meaning and represented so much to me. Not just as a play but also as an experience. I looked at the Cherry Orchard as an area of my life where I could channel a lot of my energy and see a result at the end that would signify my ability to create. It was more than that still. It was a way for me to be held accountable by my peers and a way to get to know them in an academic and friendly manner. I resonate with the characters on stage as well, through reading and watching my peers bring them to life these characters who were written over 100 years ago had aspects and attributes that I could relate to. The Cherry Orchard was a creative endeavor that brought many people together.


Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman

Much like anything in life, it is not easy to face uncertainty events in the littlest of things. I can’t imagine the thought-process Chekhov went through to be able to transform that universal fear of uncertainty into a masterpiece. He really saw life for what it was, objectively, rather than what he would like it to be. Chekhov, when he said that The Cherry Orchard was a comedy, was right. I can see it now that we are stuck behind the black mirror of our laptops trying to figure out a way to hold onto a glimmer of life as we wanted it through this universal uncertainty of lockdown. What will happen tomorrow? We don’t know. Doing the waltz today in front of a laptop with no partner really brought out the comedy in these circumstances. Such is the philosophy of The Cherry Orchard. There are endings, and beginnings and more new beginnings and between it all, some funny moments that no one pays any mind to.

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