Salvage - Free Writing: James Mburu

James Mburu

Make use of what’s left, in spirit it embodies resilience, an unwillingness to give up. An assertion to move forward and not let the past shackle the future in any way. I don’t know why but when other’s do it, it seems to be a shameful act. Why do they continue? why do they persevere? Haven’t they learned that your actions don’t matter and life will do with you as it seems fit. Then again, at the same time, when misfortune casts it’s shadow on you and by happenstance you seem to be filled with a sense of preservation, it doesn’t even occur to you what you’ve lost. You learn that few things in life are promised, that not everything makes sense, but you can do what you can to keep things alive and thriving. This is a beautiful spirit to have. This is the spirit of the Cherry Orchard

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