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Replant - Free Writing

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

For the last class, the topic was "replant". The final act, the final stage in our production, and the final class. Scroll below to see what some of our students said "replant" meant to them.


Hoi Leng Iam (Marcel)

Replant, hum. This is an interesting word, and it immediately reminds me of the Earth Day, which is today. YES! It is today!!! It is an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection. What should we protect? Don’t waste water, don’t waste paper, don’t waste electricity, don’t cut down trees… wait, what about those cherry trees in our cherry orchard? There is a whole garden of trees, and cutting them down is actually harmful for our environment! Oh my god, I suddenly realize how bad Lopakhin is, and I finally know what makes Lyubov and Gaev so insist on not cutting down those trees—they are fighting for our environment! Since today is Earth Day, let’s all give a second of silence for our cherry trees.


Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman 

Maybe this time, I will be consistent with my betterment. I did start eating finally. It is a struggle. I still throw up at times after eating because the stress levels are higher. But the idea this time is to keep at it. I’m not going to let a stupid virus make my life more hell than it already is. I cannot let that happen. So, I’ll keep exercising as much as I can, I will keep trying every day, little by little. It is going to get better because the habits that I take up during this time are what is going to define the rest of life. I cannot just wing my whole life. It was nice and well until now but here on, I have to be mindful. I have to realize that life is much, so much more precious than I used to think it is. And it has to begin with myself first of all. Slowly but surely it is going to be worth all the struggle. I quit smoking so that felt really good. I hope it feels good to not quit on replanting myself back into life and trying to do better even if at times it is just for the sake of a little smile with an old friend. What I am trying to say, I guess, is to plant myself firmly into life and stand tall in the face of anything right now or after this whole fuckfest of a pandemic is over.

But then again,

“Any idiot can face a crisis; it's this day-to-day living that wears you out.”

Anton Chekhov


Ameera AlSaid

Replant always. That means regrow always, get up always. Life is going to go on whether you stay in bed all day or get up and do what you love. So why not choose to do what you love?. You can have lazy days and you can stay in bed for a week. I know I did that when I needed to but till when? Things are always going to happen, sometimes not how we want and that’s ok we'll always find another way. If a plant dies or let's say someone steps on it. replant it. rewater it. do it again and again and again why? because that’s life. Giving up is only going to hurt you. no one is affected really but if you give up on something that you wanted so bad, you’re the one at loss. 

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