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Poems - Free Writing: Afnan Tag

Afnan Tag

Poems are my way of healing, I write a lot and I enjoy it. I wonder what’s my next poem. Poems are the safest way to express vulnerability. They say I am really good at being valuable. I am not so sure what that means. I am good at it I know but what is really the true meaning of being vulnerable is a good question. I might actually write a poem about this. I should check on Lafan first and tell her all about my ideas. It’s really sad she couldn’t come back. Writing poems is a way to explore different things, I think it’s cool. Maybe I should start sharing my poetry more often from now on. It’s scary to share poems, because it can get too personal. I write about many things in my poems like life, loss, love, friends, success, longing, A lot of things make it to poems. What if I run out of ideas one day? I should just keep writing and live life too. I am sure I will have things to say, I always do.

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