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Let go - Free Writing: Afnan Tag

Afnan Tag

Let go, letting go… Again a song comes to mind, let go. I think letting go is one of the most things I have been doing and practicing the longest in my life. Not that I lived long anyway but at a younger age, it is what I got to face. My attachment to things I love has been really strong, that once I used to hate change, think that it is the wrong and the worst thing in the world. Eventually, I realized that the only constant thing in this world is change. So maybe I got better at letting things go. Sometimes I think, maybe I didn’t really let thinks go, I just forgot how it really feels like or why I was attached in the first place. To let go, made sense to me in terms of making peace and get the closure. To move on, to see the big picture are all things that are connected to letting go. I don’t know why it is usually so hard to let go, maybe it is attachment at the end. I think I can get better at letting go as the years go by but what I really wish is that I stop going through it, it is tiring.

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