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Dizzy - Free Writing: Marcel

Students were told to write how they were feeling. Marcel was feeling Dizzy. What about you? If you had to write about a feeling right now, what would you write?

Hoi Leng Iam (Marcel)

I am so dizzy right now because I was flying yesterday, and didn’t get any sleep. I have waited for so long in the airport and the jet lag just drives me crazy. I also feels kinda lost when I am having headache, but I cannot go to bed because I have class. Huh, how can this connect to the cherry orchard? There is always something that we want to do but we can’t do because of different reasons. Those becomes dreams unless we don’t change anything. If I want to sleep, I change my schedule. If Lyubov want her orchard back, she must change her attitude towards it. Did I change? Did she change? Why don’t I? Maybe there is something more important that stop me to run to the bed, and same reason, maybe there is something in her mind that we can’t know.

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