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BLEH! - Free writing: Sana Hussain

Students were told to write down the what the strongest feeling they had at that moment, and Sana wrote about how she was feeling "BLEH!".


Sana Hussain

BLEH! That’s what I’m feeling right now. Like my brain is a mush and I cannot think to save my life. This seems like something I should talk to a therapist about, but writing is therapy so I’ll write about it instead, I guess. BLEH. At this moment, this encompasses all of the feelings I have: anger, happiness, depression, anxiety – it all mixes together because they’re not discernible and form BLEH. Such a powerful and overwhelming feeling BLEH is. It makes me want to stay in bed all day. This is the first time I’ve felt like it. Most days, I wake up and can tell how I’m feeling but the past few weeks, BLEH is the only possible word I can imagine that describes what I’m feeling. I mean, it’s not even a word. It’s a sound, for goodness sake. The feeling is so indescribable that I have to use a fucking sound to describe it. If this doesn’t explain my state of mind, nothing could.

#Freewriting #feeling

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