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Bittersweet - Free wiring: Afnan Tag

Checkout Afnan's free writing on the feeling "bittersweet". As you may notice, the word "worth" is highlighted below. That is because this word stood out to Afnan, and she wrote another piece called "worth", which is featured in the blog. Make sure to check that out as well.

Afnan Tag

I think I am somewhere in between. I worked hard, actually have been working nonstop and things are pretty much going well. But I know that there is an end on the way. I don’t feel like a fulfilled all the things I hoped for throughout this semester. I have been thinking about so many things, some happy things and some really depressing stuff. Which is why everything feels bittersweet. It is somewhere in between, a mix, like just some mashed together colors. I know that as much as happiness I might feel because of things going well, there is that even equal amount of sadness that hits me, which makes me just feel numb. I know I am tired, oh don’t let me start about how tired I am. My panda eyes are going worse but I guess it is how it is. Ann said earlier on that she felt lucky during her uni days if she went to bed at 3 am, I guess I really relate these days. I am glad at least I feel like things are worth it, it’s hard, really, really hard but worth it and I actually do want to see the end of it.

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