Ann Woodworth's Photo Album

It's time to take a walk down memory lane, and Professor Ann's photo album. Here you can see some of the past students she taught, who have also become her good friends, some of her great friends and colleges, and who can forget ... Starla!

Karen Sheridan

Professor at Oakland University Teacher, Actress, Director Was in the first theatre class I taught – Loyola University,  1975 – now one of my closest friends.

David Sabel

He was in a production I wrote about the Bosnian war in 2000 called The Clensing. It was adapted from Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War by Peter Maass.

It was my first big project at NU

Virgil Johnson (left) & David Coral (right )

Virgil is a designer from NU, who now works with the Chicago Theatre

Coral is an actor in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dawn Mora

Was in the first class I took to Stratford

Ron Baslow

Alexa Fischer

1994 graduate

Moe Farid





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