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The Cherry Orchard


Living in a Pandemic


to the culmination of fifteen weeks of research, creative thought and purposeful action. Ann Woodworth, her company of 24 students and alumni invite you to take a journey through this website to witness Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard come to life, on stage and in quarantine.

“To a sensitive nature like mine, it’s a lovely thing to receive a tender compliment.”
~ Dunyasha 
“Ekh, you noodle”
~ Firs 
“You may have the instrument but can you play the music?”
~ Charlotta 
“Well, I can’t make a proposal to myself, Mama!”
~ Varya
“Can you believe it?  Fancy that!”
~ Simeonov Pishchik
“Twenty-two Catastrophes!”
~ Yasha
“What a situation! It's uncanny!”
~ Yepikhodov
“The truth is, life is a stupid business”
~ Yermolai Lopakhin
“In Paris, I went up in a balloon!”
~ Anya
“Cut shot into the middle pocket!”
~ Leonid Gaev 
“The whole world is our orchard.”
~ Petya Trofimov 
“….but I love love and I won’t live without it.”
~ Lyubov Ranevskaya

The Acts


Bloom is the first act of the journey; it documents bringing the Cherry Orchard from the page to the stage. It marks the inspiration and the start of a dream. 


Up next is Wither; the act pieces together the remains of a shattered dream of performing The Cherry Orchard live.


Chop chronicles a straggle, a stray and a stroll into the world of performing a play online. It records the trials, tribulations and tender moments of hope on the journey to achievement. 


Last but not the least is Replant: the story of achievement. Replant is our final product: The Cherry Orchard Quarantined, on Zoom.


Our Director

In January 2020, we set off on our journey together, like flowers blooming so gaily in the field. And then, came a stupid goat. He ate the buds on our cherry trees, and our theatre production was gone.


Ann Woodworth

- Ann Woodworth

The Company

Our Cast & Crew

The Company comprises 25 uniquely talented individuals who have collaborated to create the Cherry Orchard Quarantined, from research to acting and everything in between. 


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